How Telegram works:

  • Create or edit an HTML, Markdown, Pages, RTF, or Word file & save it to Dropbox or GitHub
  • Or just send email with images
  • Telegram publishes it to your beautiful web site

Simple Web Sites

Do you want to publish a blog, a web site for your club, school, etc. but don't want to worry about HTML and hosting services and uploading and passwords and all that stuff?

Telegram is the answer for you!

Write your content (blog post, "about" page, event description) in Word, Pages, RTF, HTML, or Markdown, save the file to your Dropbox, and Telegram takes care of the rest including formatting, creating a sitemap, applying templates, adding Twitter feeds and all kinds of other stuff. Telegram hosts your site using a Telegram URL or your own custom URL.

Plus with Telegram, you always have the files that make up your web site. They are right there on your computer's hard drive, so you're not locked into Telegram.

With Telegram, it's super-simple to create and manage your own web sites.

Any Team Size

Do you have people to collaborate with on your web site? Maybe a few PTA parents, a co-blogger, or someone else?

With Telegram, all the files are managed on Dropbox or GitHub, so collaborating with others is simple and powerful.

For a small team, just share a folder on Dropbox. You control who can edit the files by controlling who can access the folder.

For larger teams, use the world's most powerful version management system: Git via GitHub. Whether you manage access by controlling the GitHub project access or via Pull requests, there's no better way to manage files and workflow than GitHub.

Priced Right

For small, low volume web sites, you likely won't have to pay anything for Telegram.

If your site is popular or has lots of large files (like images or movies or audio files), you pay for the amount of space and bandwidth you use.

No need to give a payment mechanism to use Telegram... we'll give you $25 to start your account. We'll add $1 a month to your account. We deduct money for bandwidth and storage. If your account gets to $0, we stop serving your sites.

Telegram's pricing avoids the "we'll give our service away for free and once we have lots of users, we'll figure a way to monetize them... or go out of business" business model. It lets low volume users ride for free and the folks who use lots of Telegram's resources pay a reasonable amount.

We'll also offer additional services including multi-geographic hosting so you can choose the data center where your Telegram site is hosted... or even redundant sites. We'll offer other for-pay services for customers who build their business on Telegram.