Telegram for Open Source

Publish your static site, documentation, etc. to Telegram and have it securely (HTTPS) served blazing fast.

Telegram for Web Apps

Deploy your site and your Serverless apps atomically. Your site is served securely and fast. Your API endpoints are proxied to your deployed Serverless apps. And everything is in a single GitHub repo.

How Telegram works

Any Flavor Static Sites

Telegram is a way for GitHub savvy folks to publish way performant static web sites using a variety of site generation tools, including:


Telegram can deploy your Serverless code along with the static site and automatically proxy from your static site to the newly assigned serverless endpoints. This means stable URLs and no cross domain issues.

GitHub, TravisCI, etc.

Telegram will render your site on when you push it to GitHub, so your team can use GitHub to manage workflow.

Telegram supports ingesting a site that's generated or checked as part of a CI pipeline and works very well with Travis CI.

No matter how you manage your development workflow, Telegram will work with you.