The Telegram Terms of Service

This is an agreement between you and David Pollak related to the Telegram service.

You want to use the Telegram service and David wants to provide it to you so that you can publish stuff on the Internet.

During the alpha testing phase, David will provide whatever functionality Telegram has and you may choose to use that functionality. That functionality may change or go away. Because you're not paying David for the service, you agree that you will make no claims against David or anyone else associated with the project for any reason including features going away, the service being down, or any other reason. If you wind up finding a lawyer that makes a claim that somehow David owes you something related to Telegram, you agree that the total amount you can recover under any legal theory is the total amount that you've actually paid David and David has received from you for the Telegram service.

David is a bailee of the materials you make available for publishing via Telegram. You grant to David, for the period of publishing, all rights and licenses necessary for Telegram to publish your web content.

When your site is terminated (either by your choice or by David's choice), David will make reasonable efforts to render inaccessible the information that he is acting as bailee for from systems that David has access to. You grant David any ongoing rights that are necessary related to the bits that are inaccessible yet may still represent your property. Yeah, this may seem like weasel-words, but the idea is that the bits of your information will continue to exist on backup systems and on disk platters and other places and there's no practical way to destroy that information.

You agree to only publish information that you have the right to publish. This means that you're not publishing someone else's copyrighted work and you're not publishing stuff that's illegal in the US or the EU. If David has legal action threatened against him for items you publish, you agree to defend him and hold him harmless. David also has the right in his sole discretion to remove your site from Telgram if he thinks your site is offensive... but that standard is a pretty hard to violate unless you have a site that actively promotes violence against individuals or sex with minors.

These terms are going to change. The entity that runs Telegram is going to change. When these terms change, you'll get an email to that effect. You'll have the choice of agreeing to the new terms or terminating your sites on Telegram.

The choice of law for these terms is the law in San Francisco, CA. All legal action related to Telegram will take place in San Francisco, CA. If part of this agreement is found unenforceable, the rest of it stands. This is an integrated agreement unless there is a document signed by you and David Pollak

If you're a third party and you think something on Telegram is in violation of some law...

Check out the About page and send us a note. We'll follow reasonable take-down process.